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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rice Cooker Cooking!

So the story was, my manager decided to have a bet as to who will be able to lose 3kg in a month. The rules were that it has to be healthy dieting, and assuming there were 2 participants that lost 2.90kg and 2.95kg, the 2.95kg participant wins and you will lose if you go over 3kg. There has got to be some incentive in this isn't it? The wager was set at S$100 from EACH participant, and the winner takes ALL.

My colleague, Y, and I decided to take part. And I had thought about investing in a mini rice cooker for the office for quite some time now and Y was eager too.

Cost us S$29.90 but hey, there's a steamer too. It's not your fuzzy logic type rice cooker - I much prefer these type of rice cookers because you can "trick" the mechanism.

So lunch on Day 2 (yesterday) was Bee Hoon (Rice Vermicelli) with Chinese Spinach, Chicken Fillets and Fishballs.

Our prep that was done in the office.

 Tada! The bee hoon was a tad overcooked but we were not particular and it was a satisfying lunch.

And just now for Day 3, we made Chicken Breasts and Chinese Mushrooms marinated with Oyster Sauce and Steam Xiao Bai Cai (Bok Choy) with Mixed Brown Rice.

 Washed the rice and it was a one pot meal.

We had added the Xiao Bai Cai much later into the cooking process, hence when the rice was done the vegetables were slightly undercooked. We mixed it with the rice and kept it at "Warm" for about 10 minutes and it was done! We added too much water to the rice too, so that is something to note for tomorrow's meal. :)

Given the eccentric (rain and/or shine) weather the last couple of days, we are quite happy that we do not have to head out to the nearest mall for lunch and squeeze with the crowd. Hope this enthusiasm lasts!

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