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Monday, October 10, 2011

I still find it hard to believe that I am a mother now.
The past few months have been very eventful. All started off with a job offer in January. Exciting opportunity to explore regional role for recruitment. The headaches came and I thought must be the work stress hence hypertension got more severe etc. But then I just had that gut feeling that I could be pregnant. So I was. It was a difficult time for me, March and April. I was given 2 weeks MC in March and warded in April. However, workload was still the same and I had a tough time catching up. After speaking to Jay and my Mum, I decided to leave my job. Cried about it, but then I thought hey it's just a job, isn't it? :\
I was not fond of the idea that I had no income. I am not one who likes to depend on other people if I could do it myself. Looked for a part-time tuition centre job close to home, working max 6 hours a day earning $6/hour but it was a little pocket money for myself and to pay for some of the gynae visits.
In May, started to have little bubbles on my palms and soles, which developed into water blisters. Not sure what I came in contact with but that had to be one of the worst period of my Life. Angry red rashes spread throughout my body too. Cried daily as no one around me could comprehend my situation and I was 5 months pregnant then. Warded in July as I had fever and developed pus in my rashes. Felt really lousy throughout the pregnancy as I see other mothers-to-be in the same forum go for maternity shoots and had great skin.
Had to induce her she was not growing well due to my hypertension.
Ahh my Life.

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