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Sunday, January 23, 2011

In the blink of an eye, the first month of 2011 is going to come to an end.

Was down with a bad flu the first week of the new year. Upon recovering, I met up with ex-colleagues Anne and Tiffany, along with Kayla for a sumptuous buffet feast at Oscar's. That same week I had the same buffet with Sophie, Evangeline and Candace. I really enjoyed the catch-up dinners that week, it felt too long! And again just on Tuesday, Sue gave me a unexpected treat at Oscar's! It is never boring with Sue and we always have something to talk about. Have yet to meet up with the Easties but CNY is not too far away so I guess that's a good opportunity. Same goes for the Purple Sage gang! It's been yonks since I've remembered heading to the KTV on a work day with Jane, Jenna, Rui Ting, Lilin, Michelle, Patrick! I'm sure we have plenty to catch up!

I've been gorging myself with yummies since the wedding, and I put back on the hefty 5kg that I lost! So after CNY it's back to vegetarian diet once more to get "back in shape". HahA! So how are you going to spend your CNY?

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